Year’s Best Meteor Shower! Belarusians To See 100 Shooting Stars An Hour Tomorrow Night

This year’s Geminids meteor shower is predicted to bring one of the most dazzling sky shows for keen skywatchers across Belarus.

Are you ready to brave the cold and admire up to 100 shooting stars an hour?

The annual Geminid meteor shower is visible from across the world over the course of 10 nights in December, the Internetional Meteor Organization reports.

One of the most active shooting stars show of the year is set to peak this week – with as many as 100 shooting stars blazing across the sky.

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In Belarus, the best time to see the Geminids is on the midnight of Wednesday and the early hours of  Tursday.

You won’t need any special gear to enjoy the meteor shower and will be able to see the spectacular sky show with the naked eye.

Meteors will look like bright stars, the most conspicuous of which will be yellow or orange.

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The Geminid meteor shower emanate from the bright constellation Gemini and is nearly 200 years old, according to known records.

It takes place every December as the Earth passes through a cloud of debris from an asteroid called 3200 Phaethon.

Plunging into Earth’s atmosphere at about 127,500 km/h, the debris vaporise, turning into the colourful Geminid meteor shower.

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Sources: IMO, TUT.BY

Photo: velitchenko.by