115 Free WiFi Spots In Minsk. How Do They Work And What’s The Speed?

Since April 19 free Wi-Fi network uniting 115 hotspots have started working in Minsk. Our colleagues at TUT.BY walked around the city to test speed and check what kind of data the spots require to get internet access.

All you need to know about free WiFi in Minsk!



The first access point is in the very center of Minsk, at a popular fast food restaurant. A signal here is perfect.

We choose a “Free Wi-Fi Minsk” network and appear at the authorization page where you need to enter your phone number and receive a reply SMS-code.

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This is a standard procedure at any public Wi-Fi point in Belarus – a provider must identify the user.

The interface is optimized for tourists, there is a menu in English and SIM-cards of operators from all over the world are supported.

Interestingly, the provider proposes to indicate your gender and age (for statistics), but this is optional.

What is in return?

To get access to the internet you will have to agree to the Terms of Service. And there are a couple of intersting moments.

When you get free access to the network, you agree to give your consent to the transfer of data indicated during the registration procedure.

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It also includes the possible distribution of information and/or advertising messages.

So do not be surprised with the possible SMS-dispatch. You gave your number and consent by putting a tick in the box.

The provider promises that “it won’t deliberately view or disclose any private e-mail messages (except as otherwise provided by law).”

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However, it “has the right to occasionally monitor the information passing and disclose any information”, if necessary in accordance with the law, the requirements of authorized state institutions.

It can also be done for adequate functioning of the service and protection of the provider and “other users, as well as third parties whose legal rights and interests were or may be violated”.


The internet runs smoothly, despite a considerable number of people.

What is even more surprising is the results of the speed tests. Check it out!

Another Free Wi-Fi Minsk hotspot is at Komarovka market.

There are more people here but speed indicator here is also impressive.

On the territory of the indoor pavilion the smartphone shows a rather weak Wi-Fi reception (two divisions out of five).


The test results pleased us. Connection is simple and convenient both for the Belarusians and foreigners.

The speed was also higher than expectations.

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However, one should remember that access spee depends on many factors, including the remoteness of the access point and the number of connected users.

And don’t forget that public Wi-Fi-networks are very unsafe in terms of possible theft of personal information.

Source: TUT.BY