115 Free WiFi Public Access Hotspots Start Working In Minsk

Going to another country, many travelers are concerned about the cost of roaming mobile internet. As a rule, it costs fabulous money.

Forget all your worries, you are in Minsk!


Starting this Thursday , April 19, Free Wi-Fi network uniting 115 access points have started working in the Belarusian capital.

Now one can join the web in large shopping centers, cafes, A-100 gas stations, hospitals, hotels and banks.

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To connect to a hotspot, one should enter your mobile number to receive a password.

Subsequent authorizations on the network will be performed automatically.

After connecting to the network, one can use for free  unlimited period of time and without speed limits.

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“Previously, one got free Internet access by connecting to the Wi-Fi.BN.BY network. It was a test name, that was not very clear, especially for foreigners.

We studied the experience of European capitals and decided to merge all our points of free Wi-Fi into a single network called Free Wi-Fi Minsk,” explained Pavel Alekseenko, the General Director of Delovaya Set LLC.

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The Free Wi-Fi Minsk network is a private initiative of “Delovaya Set” company, which was implemented without the involvement of public money.

Meanwhile, the company plans increase the number of acess points – as early as 2018, public Wi-Fi will appear at Kastryčnickaja and Kupalaŭskaja metro stations.

Also, passengers riding on the buses №1, 100 and 300e will be able to enjoy free internet access in the nearest future.

Source: TUT.BY