Free Wi-Fi Appeared In Public Transport In Belarus


The pilot project has already been implemented in Gomel, where buses with free Wi-Fi were launched along the traffic routes. If the experiment succeed, this kind of buses will spread all over the country, a representator of the service provider velcom said to BelaPAN news agency. 

You can use free Wi-Fi during the entire route in any spot of the bus: there are fully powered routers inside that receive a 3G – signal. The signal is strong enough for up to 80 passengers to check an e-mail, message friends in social networks and send photos.

To use the free Internet you should go through simple authorization process at the special portal. Then you receive an SMS message on your phone with the code that you should enter. 

Now there are 20 “Wi-Fi buses” in Gomel, but soon the city will launch a hundred more. 

Public transport with free internet may appear in other Belarusian cities too.

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