Top 6 Free Tours Of Minsk For A Foreigner To Attend During Guides Fest This Weekend. Register NOW!

The festival of tourist guides Guides Fest will lauch in Minsk tomorrow. Minskers and guests are invited to sign up for free tours and depart on exciting walks to see the city from new angles!

The program of the festival includes about 150 events. Most of the excursions will be held on 22-23 April.

BelarusFeed has digged into the program and found three English-language excursions and three other tours that will be rather amusing even for those who don’t speak Russian.

Registration is required!

1. The history of Uručča

When: 21 April, 20:00

Today Uručča is a prestigious modern neighborhood of Minsk. However, initially it was just a small village on the road to Borisov. And there are many interesting facts connected with it! For example, this place once belonged to Radziwiłłs, a powerful magnate family from the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. Participants of the excursion will learn about the quarrels over the place and how Uručča became what it is today.

2. October Square (in English)

When: 22 April, 11:00

You are invited on a tour of Kastryčnickaja, one of the five main squares of the Belarusian capital, and its attractions.

3. A tour of Belarusian State University of  Physical Culture (in English)

When: 22 April, 14:00

Explore the main building and sports facilities of one of the leading universities of Belarus, the alma mater of many award-winning athletes like the Olympic champions Anton Kushnir and Uladzislau Hancharou.

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4. Independence Square: Then and Now (in English)

When: 22 April, 14:00

Join this excursion and xplore every angle of the this beautiful square, that is one of the symbols of Minsk. You’ll also visit a cozy and Mikhailovsky garden – to take pictures with its famous sculptures and make wishes!

5. Mysterious Minsk

When: 22 April, 23:00.

The animated excursion tells about strange or amusing stories from the history of Minsk. You will learn about the city’s ghosts (and maybe even meet them), about surreal but real stories and events that ever happened here.

6. From the dirty to the party: Kastryčnickaja street

When: 23 April, 18:00.

Today’s Kastryčnickaja (Oktyabrskaya) street is completely different from the Kastryčnickaja street of 200 years ago. A hipster graffiti-and-bar street does not remind a shabby industrial suburb it once was.

If you’re interested in the history of area’s makeover, join the tour on Sunday.

P.s. Want to continue exploring Minsk? Download these printable routes from BelarusFeed ?

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Photo: TUT.BY, Artem Pryadko