Modest, Honest, Unexpected: Foreigners React To Belarus’ Entry For Eurovision 2017

Belarusians made their choice on the song that will represent the country at the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest. The winner of the national final NAVIBAND will sing in Belarusian – something that has not been done for a long time!

For the first time in years the choice of the winner from the public matched the opinion of the judges.


While it’s yet too early for bets on Navi’s chances, the Internet has already produced some reaction to the song.

Twitter users were mostly excited:

Some users were surprise, and some noticed how cute the girl in the duo – her name is Ksusha Zhuk – is.

Youtube bloggers were less reserved, but they called Navi “uplifting and nice”, and said it made them smile.

“I liked how it stood out from the very beginning. Everyone else was going for big production, and Navi just looked at the camera and started their ‘Hey, hey, hey’. And it was honest and simple 0 and they won!”

And this one is HILARIOUS!

There was even one guy from Greece who made a cover of the song, singing it in Belarusian! Well done!

The video has been watched over 18 000 times in 5 days!

Well, fingers crossed for NAVIBAND and we hope to be in the final this year!