Typical Problems Foreigners Face In Belarus

A month ago we asked our readers about most common problems they face visiting Belarus.

In response, we’ve got more than 60 comments.

We summed all answers up and found 4 most typical problems:


Users think it is really difficult to find a job for foreigners who don’t speak Russian. Some noted that many Belarusians look scared – they need to smile a little bit more. When trying to smile at people on the street you may get nasty looks in return.

At the same time, many foreigners were pleasantly surprised by the fact that traffic rules in Belarus are strictly applied and followed – pedestrians stop at red lights and don’t walk even when there are no cars on the road.

There were several comments from visitors who didn’t face any negative moments.






We’ve found one interesting “problem” connected with Belarusian ladies…




And the sweetest one comment which will be the reason for you to come to Belarus!




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