9 Weird Things About Belarus And Its People That Baffle Foreigners

Sometimes it’s good to see yourself from others eyes. That’s why BelarusFeed asked their readers what they found weird, funny or just awkward in Belarus and Belarusians. And this is what you said!

1. Do you speak English? Нет but yes!

The English language has certainly reached a global level.

Wherever in the world you travel, especially to popular tourist locations, it is expected that locals will understand you.

Well, you still should be prepared that you might have some difficulties while in Belarus. Check out Mario Lobo’s experience here.

2. Dinner freedom

Since their childhood many Americans and Europeans are used to specific time when they have breakfust, lunch, dinner and supper.

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Here in Belarus we eat when our stomach tells us!

3. Surprises everywhere

This might sound funny but not so funny when you find yourself in such kind of delicate situation.

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4. Banya traditions

When in a banya, do as locals do!

Get fully undressed and be ready for a “beating” massage with tree twigs.


5. Not wheelchair friendly

We can’t help but admit that there is no accessible infrastructure for disabled people in Belarus.

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Nonetheless, we still hope that we’ll have a more compassionate society and comfortable infrastructure one day.

6. Calculation problems

7. Local pizza  

Belarusians love food, experiments and food experiments. What else can we say in our defence?

8. Empty night streets

Maybe the streets here are deserted at night but one can virtually walk almost anywhere and never have to worry about safety.

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Still feel like partying? Visit Kastryčnickaja, Karl Marx or make a concentrated gulp at Zybitskaya, the place with the biggest number of bars, pubs and cafes per square metre in Minsk.

9. Extreme hospitality

Mind that Belarusians are ready to feed and hug their guests to death but we are still rather shy and cautios with strangers.

So don’t be afraid of cold stairs when on the street or in public transport.

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It takes time to cross the line where a stranger becomes a friend and there’s no way back!

10. Love anyway

No matter how different we are, what bizarre customs we have, there are a number of things that will make you fall in love with our country and people.

Don’t take our word for it, come and try for yourself!

What are your impressions about Belarus? Did you find anything weird, bizarre or just different? Let us know in comments below!

Illustrations: etobelarusdetka.com