From 2018 Foreign Tourists To Belarus Will Be Able To Register Online

Beginning next year, foreign tourists arriving in Belarus for more than 5 days will be able to make registration online instead of making personal visits to local migration offices, TUT.BY reports on 8 June.

The obligatory registration of foreigners will not be canceled. However, a provision about the “registration in electronic form through a single e-services portal” has recently been added to the rules for the stay of foreigner nationals on the tetrritory of Belarus.

The document comes into force on 15 July, but the new rules will start actually working only at the beginning of next year.

The change has been confirmed by the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

“Clarifications on the procedure of registration of foreigners temporarily residing in Belarus in electronic form will be prepared by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the National Center for Electronic Services”, — press office of the the Ministry of Internal Affairs specified.

Nowadays foreign tourists, who want to spend more than 5 days in Belarus, have to registrate in a local migration office. If a foreigner stays at a hotel or a homestead, it’s possible to make registration there.