$88 To Study Here. Belarus To Provide 100 Scholarships To Foreign Students

On 12 June, President Alexander Lukashenko signed a decree on providing scholarships to international students in Belarus. Three months later, the Council of Ministers approved the requirements for which students will be selected.

Up to 100 scholarships are to be provided every year.

foreign students

Foreign students will study for free, receive scholarships and allowances for their successful academic, social and scientific works.

In addition, students will be provided with a dormitory for the entire period of education. Mind that the students will have to pay for the housing themselves.

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The size of the scholarship will depend on the first-category tariff rate, educational institution and academic performance.

The current minimum rate is BYN191.76, which is $88,76 or €76,78. Foreigners can study both in universities and colleges of Belarus.

How will they choose?

The candidates selection process will be held in three phases.

Until February 20, the diplomatic mission of Belarus abroad will collect applications from foreign citizens who would like to study at Belarusian educational institutions.

Then the Ministry of Education will create a commission that will review the preliminary lists of candidates and their documents.

Whereupon a shortlist of those who will be invited to an interview – the third selection phase – is created.

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Those whose certificate GPA is below 7.5 on a 10-point grading scale (or below 75% in 100% scale) won’t be considered.

The commission is composed of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Education and Communications, etc.

Can you apply to several universities or colleges?

At the moment, the ministry has no answer to the question, as it takes time for approbation of the initiative.

The ministry representatives also explain it by having no information on the level of interest from foreigners so far.

What are the documents to be submitted?

An application form, copies of educational documents (or a certificate indicating the marks and subjects studied), a document showing the Russian or Belarusian language proficiency, a medical certificate and a personal characteristics.

The Belarusians living abroad and willing to study in Belarus will have to attach a document confirming their ethnic origin or identifying themselves as an ethnic Belarusians.

What’s next?

Until 1 May, the Ministry of Education will transfer the lists to the relevant educational institutions.

Until 15 June, universities and colleges will conduct interviews to determine the students’ level of language proficiency for further studies.

When applying for “Art and Design”, “Art History”, “Musicology” candidates will be additionally interviewed on the “Creativity” discipline  and asked to submit their creative works.

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The candidates can undego an interview both internally and in absentia.  After that, the lists of selected candidates will be send for approval to the Ministry of Education.

Whereby notifications will be sent only to those candiates who received a positive response.

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Journey expenses both to the place of study and back, accommodation, meals, medical insurance, visas and registration fees are on the students themselves.

First scholarships for foreign citizens will be provided in 2019.

Source: TUT.BY