Eat, Drink And Dance! 10 Most Gastronomic Streets In Minsk

As cafes, restaurants, bars, buffets, canteens and food courts spring up like mushrooms after the rain in Minsk, local food producer came up with the ranking of the most gastronomic streets of the city.

Scroll down to see how top-10 Minsk streets look like!

1. Internatsionalnaya street

With more than 20 cafes and restaurants the street earned its popularity due its good location in the city center and closeness to the luxury hotels.

A one kilometer long street can be considered the main gastronomic place of the city.

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Here pirogovaya (a pie cafe) neighbours a French bakery, and high-status bistros are next to small coffee shops.

2. Karla Marksa 

Karla Marksa street boasts dozens of places where you can eat out: from cheesy pizzerias and fragrant coffee shops to restaurants of national cuisine.

Unfortunately the plans to convert the street into a pedestrian-only zone did not succeeed, thus depriving local food spots of hungry visitors crowds.

3. Prospekt Nezavisimosti

Here is the largest number of catering facilities, a total of 100 are located at the avenue.

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However, they are mainly concentrated near metro stations and don’t creat a so called food corridor taking the street only to the third place in the list.

Well, at least prices here won’t burn a hole in your pocket!

4. Nemiga

The historic part of Minsk is packed with various fast food restaurants and cozy coffee shops.

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There are such American giants as KFC, McDonald’s, Burger King and Papa John’s Pizza, to name a few.

5. Zybitskaya

The most happening street of the city with probably the highest concentration of bars and pubs per square metre.

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Once you are there, be ready to eat, drink and dance with the crowds of cheerful locals all night long.

Revaliucyjnaja, Kastryčnickaja, Surhanava, Kulman (with its yummy shaurma and kebabs near Kamarowka market) and Prospekt Pobediteley finishes the ranking.

The ranking is based on the quantity of cafes, restaurants, bars, buffets, canteens, food courts and other public catering facilities situated on the one street.

Source: belTA