Five Rogue Museums In Minsk That Are Must-Go

Got a taste for art and history, but feel like every Minsk museum has been explored through and through?

Here’s some good news — not every city resident knows about these places!

Miniatures Museum Strana mini

Niezaliežnasci Ave 25


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Публикация от Музей “Страна мини” (@belarusmini.by)

Belarus is full of fantastic sights and places of interest that are scattered around. One can’t visit the ruins of Kreva, then drop into Mir Castle and have a route around Nyasvizh without burning a full tank and completely wearing oneself out.

Strana Mini Museum (“the mini country” – Russian) shortens the distance between these points of interest to a couple of steps.

The museum houses interactive miniatures of 18 most notable Belarusian architectural monuments of different styles.


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Публикация от Музей “Страна мини” (@belarusmini.by)

The miniatures were created out in such detail that you can examine rifles of the Brest Fortress’ defenders, or admire spectators hurrying to see a performance at the reduced copy of Bolshoi Opera and Ballet Theater.

An excellent simulator to work out future travels!

Open: 8AM–12AM (every day)

Entrance fee: 15 BYN/6 EUR/7 USD

Souvenir shop: Yes

English guide: Yes

Museum of Irons

Maksima Bahdanoviča St 11

minsk museums

Photo: Svetlana D / Tripadvisor

The fancy hi-tech device that we use every day has a centuries-long history, and one can learn it — now that’s ironic — in the Old City.

The museum exposition includes more than 300 irons of various historical eras, including an authentic Belarusian iron that paradoxically looked like two wooden poles with a piece of cloth.

Some of the devices in the exposition were produced up to the 60s of the past century since there was no electricity in some rural areas. For example, a coal iron. A visitor can find out the amount of effort it took to iron one’s glad rags with such a thing in the 1900s.

Spoiler alert: this chore is not for hipsters!

Open: 10AM–7PM (closed on Sundays)

Entrance fee: No

Souvenir shop: Yes

English guide: No

Museum Of Carriages

Cyril and Methodius St 8

minsk museums

There is an old building on the territory of the former Bernardine monastery not far from the notorious raving Zybickaja street, and this place has a completely different vibe. The Musem of Carriages gives a vivid picture of Minsk streets at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries.

Among its hundred different exhibits, there are full-size carriages, horse gear, and horseshoes. Each of the carriages on display is authentic, purchased from a private owner or found during archaeological explorations.

In addition to the carriages themselves, there is also a fragment of a real carriage workshop, as an homage to L. Leybman, a real innovator of his time. While the wheels of each carriage in Minsk of the mid-1800s were iron-covered, Leybman tried to introduce rubber “tires” to save the city pavings.

Open: 11AM–7PM (closed on Mondays and Tuesdays)

Entrance fee: 7 BYN/2,5 EUR/3 USD

Souvenir shop: Yes

English guide: No

Money Museum Groshi

Zybitskaya St 6


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Leaving the museum of carriages, you can immediately head towards Zybitskaya street, humming a famous ABBA song. Money, money, money in form of coins and banknotes are presented in Groshi (“money” – Belarusian) museum.

It was opened by the Belarusian state university teacher and collector Andrei Mysko, and he often conducts excursions there.

“You can feel right away that the owner loves what he’s doing,” one of the reviews on TripAdvisor reads. “He can talk for hours about each of these coins!”

To be honest, the exhibits really deserve such an attitude, because they tell the history of money circulation in Belarus over the past 500 years, starting with coins from the times of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. Money has no smell, but it does tell some stories!

Open: 10AM–9PM

Entrance fee: 5 BYN/2 EUR/2,5 USD

Souvenir shop: Yes

English guide: No

Ў Gallery of Contemporary Art

Kastryčnickaja St 19


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Публикация от Галерэя сучаснага мастацтва Ў (@ygallery.by)

Love postmodern art? “Ў” symbol means that you’ve come to the right place. The visitor of the gallery gets into the space of creative Belarusians — artists, sculptors, writers, visioners etc.

The prefix “modern” is fully justified in relation to the gallery. It has an art dealers’ party atmosphere, rather than an aura of a museum. Looking at any work, remember that the author may well also be in the gallery hall.

The display is constantly changing, so every visit is like opening a surprise box.

Open: 12PM–8PM

Entrance fee: No

Souvenir shop: Yes

English guide: No

Text by Anton Ananich.