10 Festivals You Can’t Miss In Belarus This Summer

Summer is approaching so it’s just the right time to start to planning your holidays in Belarus! Especially considering the 5-day visa-free regime and numerous events that will take place in the coming months. 

Here are ten festivals in Minsk and around we recommend you to include in your travel program!

1. Days of National Cultures

Festivals of national cultures began in Minsk last August. Four countries were presenting their music, dance and cuisine every Saturday.

This year the list of participants grew to 15. It is expected that artists Eastern Europe as well as Sweden, India, Greece, Korea and other countries will come to Minsk to show their national traditions.

Where: the Upper Town

When: on Saturdays starting June – 3- 24 June; 29 July; 5, 12, 26 August and 2, 16, 17, 23 September

Price: FREE

2. Rock Yadnae

A big concert Rock Yadnaye (Bel. “rock music unites”) will break down the walls between countries once again.

It will bring together Ukrainian band O.Torvald who represented Ukraine at Eurovision 2017, Belarus’ national heroes Naviband, Russians from the iconic Nogu svelo! on the first Sunday of summer in Molodechno.

Seems like a good idea to combine a tour of the city with some good music!

Where: Summer Amphitheater, Molodechno

When: 4 June

Price: from 27.50Br (~$14.6), tickets here

3. Jazz evenings at the Town Hall

Jazz evenings are a must-see event for all tourists visiting Minsk in June.

The concerts will charge you with positive emotions and will open the side of the city you probably never suspected about.

This year musicians from Germany, Great Britain, France, Poland, the USA and Italy will be playing at the festival. Make sure you turn up in advance because jazz evenings are extremelly popular!

Where: Svobody square

When: 10, 17 and 24 June

Price: FREE

4. Svyata sontsa

This large-scale open-air is linked to Kupala Night so is a good chance to get an insight into Belarusian culture.

Fire being one of the main symbols of the ancient celebration, the program of Svyata sontsa will include numerous fire performances. Besides, there will be other traditional ceremonies, handicraft shops, local food and music sets from popular fold bands Stary Olsa, Irdorath and Rokash.

Where:  Dudutki museum complex

When: 17-18 June

Price: 15Br (~$8)

5. Kosmos Nash

Kosmos Nash is the main electronic music festival in Belarus, which, in fact, has became iconic.

The festival used to gather up to 10,000 guests, but this year it will slightly change the format. There is still no definite news, but, perhaps, the event will move from open-space to a club.

Besides, the organizers want to make sure that “the festival entourage will better cater the expectations of party people”.  So, do not miss seeing the improved version of the festival!

Where: to be announced

When: 7 July

Price: to be announced

6. Classics at the Town Hall

Another good musical tradition, that appeared in Minsk several years ago, is to gather the best musicians who perform popular classics in the Upper town on hot summer nights.

You will travel back to the time when such composers as Mozart, Bach, Haydn and Beethoven were the main “rock stars”. It is also a great option for taking somebody on a romantic date with a late dinner in one of the cozy cafes around or a simple stroll around the city afterwards.

Where: Svobody square

When: on Saturdays from 8 July to 26 August

Price: FREE

7. Rock za Bobrov

Rock za Bobrov needs no introduction – the festival will held in Belarus for the 10th time.

Because of the anniversary edition, the organizers are trying hard to turn the event into a real European open-air.  The line-up is impressive: it includes Siarhei Michalok who will sing hits by Brutto and Lyapis Trubetskoy, Naviband, Belarus’ entry at Eurovision 2017,  popular Russian rock bands Chaif and Splean, and one of the most iconic Russian rap bands Kasta.

There will be many food courts and numerous leisure activities.

Where: Borovaya airfield

When: 22 July

Price: 32Br (~$17), tickets here

8. Nash Grunwald

Do you fancy good old folk music and parties? Then save the date for the festival of medieval culture Nash Grunwald in your calendar!

This year the event is held for the 9th. Fans of medieval culture and fantasy strategies will definitely feel at home here: one can compete in archery, take part in mass battles, see real knights on horses.

And, of course, there will be the landmark reconstruction of the Battle of Grunwald  between the Teutons and the troops of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania.

Where: Dudutki museum complex

When: 22-23 July

Price: to be announced

9. Freaky Summer Party

FSP has already become a real brand and a benchmark event for other city festivals in Minsk.

It is not just a variety of activities or musicians. The main thing, perhaps, is the unique cozy atmosphere that is appreciated by both young people and families.

Unfortunately, the organizers have not yet revealed their plans for this year, but one can buy tickets in advance as it is unlikely that the organizers will dissapoint their guests.

Where: to be announced

When:  29-30 July

Price: one day – 15Br (~$8) , two days – 20Br (~$10.7). Tickets here

10. Festival Put’ Vikingov (The Viking Way)

If you are a fan of the brutal ancient God Thor and go crazy about Scandinavian warriors’ life, you are welcomed at the festival Put’ Vikingov!

There are many fierce battles on the menu: line fights, the tournaments of lancers and a siege of a castle.

All those who are into more peaceful activities, can try their hand in pottery and blacksmithing, try authentic food, shop for souvenirs, or just dances and enjoy the music!

Where: Sula history park

When:  19-20 August

Price: to be announced

While you’re making up your mind on wht to choose from the list, do not forget about historical reconstructions that are taking place in the Upper town in Minsk and live music concerts in Gorky park  every Saturday from 12:00 to 13:00.

Source: TUT.BY, Citydog.by