35 Nationalities In One City! Festival Of National Cultures Takes Place In Grodno (PHOTOS)

Filling the air with laughter, happy music and bright colours the Festival of National Cultures brough together up to 35 nationalities in Grodno on 1-2 June.

People of various nationalities living in one country.

The 12th edition of the festival started with a traditional procession across the city center in the evening of 1 June.

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The city center was turned into a huge pedestrian area with various fun activites, food courts and multi-national info booths.

The participants also entertained themselves with traditional amusements, such as fairs and open-air merrymaking.

For the first time the festival welcomed Tamils and Chinese, as well as Cubans who represented Latin America.

Latvians, Bulgarians and Mordvins, who have not taken part in the fest for a long time, also visited the long-awaited event.

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To bring the guests of the country closer to the locals, a Belarusian booth was also presented at the festival.

The most remarkable and striking traditions and rites of various regions were celebrated at exhibitions and master classes.

Visitors to the Belarusian booth were invited to participate in a flash mob by joining a huge multi-national circle dance.

For the first time this year the festival crossed the borders of Grodno, the capital of the fest.

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The third day of the celebrations was held on the Augustow Canal park, which is a visa-free sight for foreigners.

The program includes a theatrical procession and presentations of booths, tastings of national cuisine, as well as traditional games.

The Festival of National Cultures was held in Belarus in 1996 and now takes place in Grodno every two years.

Source: TUT.BY