Every 10th To School: New Academic Year Begins in Belarus

If you’re in Belarus on August 31 and September, be prepared to see a lot of nicely dressed kids carrying flowers. This year over 980 thousand Belarusian children will be going to schools. Overall, including students and those in tertiary education,  the country has about two million people studying for some degree.


As for school children, their number has increased by 13 thousand in comparison with the previous academic year. About 110 thousand are starting their first school year.

In 2016/2017 children will be welcome in over 3 thousand schools. In most of them lessons are carried out in Russian. According to the official statistics, in 2015 some 13.7% of all pupils studied in Belarusian.


On average the proportion of teachers to pupils in Belarusian schools is 1 per 8. However, these figures differ a lot across the country: in schools located in towns and cities there are 10 students per 1 teacher, whereas in rural areas the number of students per one teacher is half less.