Ever Seen 800 Santas At Once? New Year Parade Will Be Held In Minsk on Christmas Eve

On Saturday, 24 December, hundreds of Ded Moroz, Snegurochkas, Santas and other winter characters will march through the centre of Minsk.


The traditional rally will start at 17.45 in the Independence Square. About 800 Fathers Christmas and Snegurochka, his helper, and other faity tale characters will walk down to Svobody Square, where a light and fireworks show will begin at 18.30.


The head Ded Moroz will he heading the column in a carriage pulled by horses.

Light show will be shown Svobody Square at 18.30 and 19.30 every evening till 5 January. The square and the streets of the Upper Town will become one big celebration ground with a New Year market, souvenir shops and art objects.

Besides, all festive lights will be turned on in Minsk on Christmas Eve.

Source and photo credit: TUT.BY