Chocolate Fest, Christmas Toys Museum And 4 Other Events For Next Week

Feeling tired, hungry and a bit sleepy? The weekend is here and it’s definitely not the best time to fall into hybernation!

Forget your problems and jump into something exciting, beautiful and delicious!

BelarusFeed cares for you and this is why we’ve made a list of events where you can recharge your batteries for the upcoming 5 working days and have fun.

1. Festival of chocolate and coffee 

Can’t imagine a day without a cup of coffee or piece of chocolate? We know where you will feel like in paradise.

It’s time to satisfy your sweet tooth at the first chocolate and coffee festival in Minsk.

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Here you will be able to try yourself in chocolate making, relax at special coffee-zone, take part in a variety of tastings and enjoy rare desserts.

When: 9-10 December; 11am-8pm

Where: Galleria shopping mall, 2nd floor

How to reach: By metro to Niamiha station

Price: 2 BYN (~$1), for children under 6 years – free

2. Factory-museum of Christmas toys

Christmas and the New Year are upon us and this museum is the best place to catch some festive mood.

Here you will see Christmas decorations from Africa, wooden Christmas-tree figurines from Congo and Indonesia, decorated bird nests from Peru and even a copy of the biggest ball from the Guinness Book of Records.

When: on 15 January, 10am – 10 pm

Where: Galleria shopping mall, 5th floor

How to reach: By metro to Niamiha station

Price: 5-7 BYN (~$2.5-4), children under 3 years – free, a master class – 8 BYN (~$4).

3. Silent movie + Live music: “Faust” 

Enjoy the restored masterpiece “Faust” of Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau accompanied by the symphony orchestra and choir.

The script of one of the most picturesque movies in the world is based on the old German legends, tragedy of Goethe and drama “Doctor Faust” of the British playwright Christopher Marlo.

When: 9 December at 7pm

Where: Moscow cinema

How to reach: By metro to Niamiha station

Price: from 6 BYN (~$3)

4. The 13th wonder of the world

Ready to dip into a parallel universe, where only light and your imagination live?

Welcome to the exhibition of Vitebsk artist and designer Alexander Vyshka that features unique glowing art objects, oil paintings and surreal graphics.

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The special light-dynamic room is a perfect place for kids to release their creativity.

When: till 15 January, 10am–10pm

Where: Galleria shopping wall, 5th floor

How to reach: By metro to Niamiha station

Price: 4-7 BYN (~$2-4)

5. “Exceptional personality” exibition

Ironical, comical, serious and philosophical pictures of Belarusian artist Sergei Seletsky reflect the events of the past two years.

To take a look at the confrontation of the exceptional individuality and history of everyday life is completely free.

When: on 10 December at 12am-11pm

Where: cafe “Grai”, Intiernacionaĺnaja, 33

How to reach: By metro to Niamiha station

Price: free

6. Ornamented rugs

Rugs played a huge part in the life of Belarusian families for many years.

Being widely used as decorations in the 20-60s of XX century in Belarusian villages and small towns, the carpets now treated as the art objects.

When: the exhibit runs till 1 January

Mon-Fri: 11am -7 pm; Sat-Sun: closed

Where: the Palace of the Republic; “University of Culture” Gallery

How to reach: By metro to Kastryčnickaja station

Price: free