Belarusians Will Get First E-passports In 2019 – Ministry Of Communications

An ID card, which is a new version of a paper passport, is planned to be issued to Belarusians in 2019, CTV TV channel reports.

According to First Deputy Minister of Communications and Informatization Dmitry Shedko, the technical process of issuing the cards to its holders will take some time and start next year.

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The official noted that the government in Belarus should strive to ensure that any operation at the request of a citizen is contactless and virtual.

E-government and when to expect

“There are five levels of e-government. The first one is simply information available on a state agency website. The interactive government is the fourth level.

It allows a person, subject to certain rules, to perform legally significant operations remotely in digital form. Most of our systems are focused on the fourth level,” said Shedko.

Level five is a proactive government.

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“It assumes that when a person has a need for a state procedure, administrative action, the action is performed either automatically or the person is reminded of the need to commit it,” the deputy minister explained.

This, for example, the replacement of a passport or the appointment of benefits.

The visible prospects for a breakthrough in this direction for Belarus are 2019-2020. It will include an integrated service and payment system and a new nationwide automated information system.

ID-cards and bio-passports

Recall that the introduction of biometric documents and ID cards was postponed till 2020. This was explained by the necessity to integrate all information systems in one.

Biometric passports will allow Belarusians to pass border control faster. Meanwhile, an ID-card will serve as an internal document – like in many European states.

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It will contain the digital signature of a person, which will greatly expand the possibilities of the card holder. For example, it will be possible to make payments usind ID-card.

The ID-card will cost one basic amount (23 Belarusian rubles as of 22 September, 2017 – note BF). The biometric passport will cost about €30.

Feature image: Russia-Belarus TV Channel