11 Places To Eat Belarusian In Minsk. Part 1

The number of tourists in Minsk is growing and so is the number of places to eat Belarusian  and enjoy the local cuisine in authentic atmosphere.

CityDog.by looked through restaurant reviews and made up a list of 11 places to taste draniki, soups, beer and other delicious national foods.

1. Kuhmistr

The restaurant has deserved the reputation of one of the best places with Belarusian cuisine. As a matter of fact, it ranks No2 best restaurant in the capital on Tripadvisor.`

The prices there are above the average. Soups cost from 7 Br (~$3.7), salads and snacks – from 9 Br (~$4.8), prices of hot meals start from 15 Br (~$8), but visitors are greeted with liqueurs and appetizers.

Those who have eaten there praise beef, dumplings and cold soups with beetroot and sorrel and the okroshka soup. Don’t forget to taste locally-produced liqueurs and kvass.

There’s live music from Thursday to Saturday and the staff is helpful and speaks English. What we personally love about the place is its location – with a view of Kastryčnickaja square, a tank and the president’s office.

2. Kamyanitsa

Kamyanitsa is a cult place for many people – you’ll hardly find a local who has not been there.

The place offers mouth-watering grilled meals (grill menu is available from 17:00). The prices are quite reasonable, for example, half a kilo of kalduny – dumplings with meat and mushrooms – costs 15 Br (~$8). The portions are large, so don’t order on an empry stomach!

Various liqueurs, mors and kvass are also on the menu.

The interior may seem a little gloomy, but there’s a cosy fireplace and in the evening guests are entertained by the singers in medieval costumes. Sounds good to us!

3. Aginski

You can savor a wide range of draniki in this cafe – not only the potato ones,  but also healthier ones (perhaps!) made from zuссhini or pumpkin.

A huge dish of draniki (about 1 kg) goes for 18 Br (~$9) which is a perfect option of a company . All soups cost 6 Br (~$3). The menu includes different kinds of salads (you can try the salad with spicy chicken in raspberry sauce or the salad “Aginski”) to pork with cognac sauce and fish dishes.

Check out the drink: mulled wine, grog, ginger or cranberry tea.

There is also the kids menu and family days on Sundays with a 20% discount. But it should be noted that there is no parking near the restaurant.


You will be pleased by a calm interior with traditional elements there.

The menu is not entirely Belarusian although it includes four types of draniks (priced from 5.50 to 9.50 Br). Portions are not huge but sufficient.

The restaurant recommends the sour rye soup called “zhur”, ribs in ginger-honey caramel, draniki with mushrooms and duck with fried cabbage.

5. Talaka

The restaurant, located in the basement, is rather small inside, but when you go down, you plunge into cozy and homely atmosphere. There is no wi-fi, which is probably good as you won’t be distracted from your delicious meal!

The most popular dish on the menu is the mushroom broth served… in bread instead of plate.

You can also find a great variety of fish and meat dishes on the menu. Lunch menu, which consists of a soup, draniki with mushrooms and mors drink, is offered for 18 Br (~$9).

And did we mention the perfect location? In the lovely Rakaŭskaja street, one of the most picturesque walks of the old Minsk.

What are your favourite Belarusian eating spots in Minsk? Share them in the comments! And don’t miss Past 2 next weekend.

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Translated by Margarita Tishutina for BelarusFeed.