11 Places To Eat Belarusian In Minsk. Part 2

Let your gastronomic tour of Minsk continue! Here is the second part of the list of cafes, restaurants and bars with Belarusian cuisine in the capital from CityDog.by.

Find the first five here.

And remember: every place gets better when you are in a good company!

6. Rakovsky Brovar

The main attraction of this big restaurant in the heart of the city is six types of craft beer made directly on the spot.

You can try both traditional Belarusian dishes and classic European meals. Soups will cost 6.90 Br (~$3.7) except the sturgeon soup for 10.50 Br (~$5.6).

The place works after midnight. Besides, there are smoking areas in the restaurant.

7. Vasilki

Vasilki is one the first places on every tourist visit list to Minsk. The service may be a bit slow especially when the restaurant is full.

In general, the food is quite good there. A big dish of draniki with salmon goes for 7.50 Br (~$4). You will pay the same price for a frying pan full of draniki, mushrooms and bacon.

Soups costs from 4.10 to 8.10 Br.

8. Grunwald

This place boasts interesting cuisine, good service and the best summer terrace in the city!

There are always a lot of foreigners among guests, so the menu is written in different languages and the staff is ready to take the orders in English.

Unfortunately, the non-smoking hall is rather small, so when the weather is good, it is better to sit outside. The prices in the menu are above the average but there are discounts and special offers from time to time.

9. Grai Cafe

This musical restaurant is conveniently located behind the Palace of the Republic and has three floors with elegant vaulted ceilings.

There are the halls dedicated to famous Belarusians and the stage that often hosts concerts. Guests praise draniki, machanka, liqueurs and medieval dances in their reviews.

If you choose to go there, try chopped meat with cabbage called “bigos”  for 18 Br (~$9.6) and beef for 25 Br (~$13.5). Draniki with mushroom sauce cost 7 Br ($3.7), draniki with caviar – 12 Br (~$6.4).

The restaurant’s specialty is dranik Grai with smoked bacon, eggs, cheese and sour cream for 10 Br (~$5.3).

10. Slavianski Kut

belarusian restaurant minsk

Photo: relax.by

This place won’t surprise you with its interioe or 5-star service, but its unrivaled delicate beef with cowberry sauce will be definitely a thing to remember!

In the menu there are adraniki with salmon for 12 Br (~$6.4), tuna for 10 Br (~$5.3), but with sour cream for 5.50 Br (~$3).

Interestingly, the cafe’s menu also includes potato babka, a Belarusian dish that is not typically found in restaurants Minsk.

Soups mainly cost 5 Br (~$2.7). Dumplings and vareniki are also served there.

11. Draniki Viaskovya

Draniki Viaskovya is a snack bar  with very reasonable prices. Simple and casual, the place attracts entirely different guests, almost like the legendary cafe in Tsentralny.

Soups cost around 3 Br (~$1.6), sausage with stewed cabbage and mashed potatoes – 4.5 Br (~$2.4).

Bigos is offered at the same price.

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Translated by Margarita Tishutina for BelarusFeed.