Minsk Bar Starts Serving Dranik With Ice Cream

A dessert you will not find anywhere else!

Svobody, 4, a popular wine bar in the centre of the capital, has recently started serving dranikis with ice cream.

A treat, that may puzzle many, is part of a new menu and was introduced by a guest chef from St. Petersburg Anton Abrezov.

“I came up with the idea during my previous visit to Minsk,” Anton Abrezov was quoted by Citydog.by.

“Inspiration came from a typical custom of Parisians, who order French fries with McFlurry in McDonald’s”.

The dranik in the new dessert is cooked according to a traditional Belarusian recipe, but without onion. The chef is still experimenting on the ideal sause: most likely, he will add vanilla and spices to it.

“Dranik must be super crisp, that’s the main secret,” the creator of the dessert revealed.

Traditional Belarusian potato pancake is served with ice cream. In future the bar might start making ice cream from Rogachev condensed milk, another popular Belarusian product.

Guests of the bar who have already tasted the unusual dessert seem to like it.

“I don’t usually take pictures of food. But this Belarusian dessert is a masterpiece. Yes, it looks weird. Very weird. It sounds even more weird: potato dranik with vanilla ice cream and bacon sause. You should taste it! Mouth-watering!” one visitor wrote.

“If they keep it in the menu, I know where to bring my foreign guests for something authentic, tasty and weird,” another guest said.

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Would YOU taste it?