Darya Domracheva Nominated For World Fair Play Award 2018

The Belarusian Association of Sports Press (BASP) has nominated biathlete Darya Domracheva for the Pierre de Coubertin World Fair Play Trophy.

A beautiful and noble gesture is to be remembered!

“The application was submitted to the International Fair Play Committee (CIFP) in Budapest.

The initiative was supported by every BASP member,” BASP Chairperson Anastasia Marinina said.

Recall that the Belarusian athlete accidentally stepped on the ski pole of her rival Dorothea Wierer during the pursuit race in the Italian Antholz.

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Darya Domracheva stopped and didn’t try to overrun Wierer at the finish line, giving her an opportunity to take second place.

As a result, Darya received bronze, while her actions were praised by million of people worldwide.

In recognition of this noble gesture, Belarusian sports journalists sent documents to the CIFP to award the biathlete a World Fair Play Award.

The CIFP will announce the World Fair Play Award winner in the 2018 year end.

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The last time a Belarusian athlete earned a World Fair Play Award was in 1983 when the prize was given to freestyle wrestler Alexander Medved.

Meanwhile, Darya’s husband Norwegian biathlon superstar Ole Einar Bjorndalen joined the Belarus team’s coaching staff and will train her ahead of the Winter Olympics 2018.

Source: BelTA