Sneak Peeks Of Dinamo Stadium Where 2019 European Games Will Take Place

The Opening and Closing Ceremonies of the 2019 European Games will take place at the Dinamo Stadium on 21-30 June in Minsk

Let’s have a look at what the stadium where one of the most important sports events will take place looks like less than three months before its opening.

Massive and impressive!

Major construction works have been completed at the stadium, according to the deputy chief of production of “Stroytrest No. 1” Denis Povod.

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At the moment the workers are busy with the site improvements. The lightning posts and сanopy have been already installed.


Facility comissioning will take place without any delays on May 31, 2018, as previously announced.

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After that, all systems and services will be tested for 20 days.



On 21 June –precisely one year before the European Games in Minsk – the official opening of the Dynamo Stadium will take place.

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And the day after that the staidium will gather athletes from  Belarus and the Balkan countries for a match meeting.

Recall that the renovation of the stadium Dinamo started in 2012.

Read also: Over 11,000 participants will be accredited for 2019 European Games in Minsk

Then it was decided to turn it into the main track-and-field complex of the country where football matches will also be held.

A little later, there were plans to modernize it to the UEFA category four, thus the deadline was shifted to the end of 2017 and later to June 2018.

As reported, the reconstruction works will cost less than the previously announced $200 million.

Source: TUT.BY