Designer Shows Boring Light Bulbs In New Light And Gets Them In Worlds Top 9 Best Packaging Solutions

The list of the best packaging solutions has been compiled by the Wired magazine. And the packaging for light bulbs manufactured by CS, the largest electrical company in Belarus, is there!


“Design blogs these days are full of images of gorgeous packaging. The rising popularity of small-batch, artisanal, and locally-made goods likely plays a part in that. It’s harder to sell the banal; nobody wants, say, a light bulb. That said, here’s nine packaging solutions that make it look easy”, the authors of the list wrote.

One of such solutions, they’ve praised, was created by Angelina Pischikova, a designer from Minsk, who used fireflies to advertise bulbs.


The packaging she created mixes scientific engraving-like drawings with cutouts, to reveal the products within.

The design was also marked by the world’s design blog Packagingoftheworld and a Russian design website What the Pack?, who called Angelina’s work “The Best Packaging of September”.


It is expected that the unusual light bulbs will go on sale in February.