“Darya Is AMAZING!” Bjorndalen Reveals Details Of Wedding And Family Life With Belarus Biathlon Star

Eight-time Olympic champion Ole Einar Bjorndalen, the husband of Darya Domracheva and happy father of their first child, told Se og Hør magazine how the two biahtlon stars and their small daughter Xenia are getting ready for the new winter season.

In addition, he revealed some details of his and Dasha wedding ceremony, that took place this summer.


“Darya is an amazing woman”

The most titled biathlete in history can not hide his excitement about being a father.

“She [Xenia, the baby – note] is very sweet, she eats and sleeps most of the time. It is pure pleasure to be the father of this girl”, Ole Einar said.

He is also admiring his wife:

“Darya is amazing. She is just as good a mother as a biathlete. Recently, her life has changed a lot, but she manages wonderfully. Xenia likes eating at night and Darya has taken over most of the related concerns.”

Bjorndalen himself is quite enthusiastic about how his pre-season training is going and is determined to fight for the medals.

“We were ready for the baby, so this big change has not affected me much. The trailer equipped with everything necessary was with me in Minsk. We used it two months before the birth of our daughter. Now it has been brought to Norway. So, everything is in its place”, the athlete explained.


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The family will be making a lot of trips, as Bjorndalen’s training base is in Austria. They are also expected to spend time in Minsk, where Darya is building a house.

The secret wedding was beautiful

Ole Einar and Darya revealed their relationship in spring this year. They also made an announcement about expecting a baby in April.

To the surprise of many the couple managed to get married before the birth of their daughter. The ceremony was arranged on 7 July in an idyllic church in the mountains of Sjusjoen.

“It was not something unexpected for us. We’d been planning it for a long time and we looking forward to spending a quiet celebration with our close friends and family members in a beautiful place”, Bjorndalen noted.


The wedding was so secret that only a few people knew about it. Their fans learned about it almost a week later, when the couple posted photos from the ceremony on Facebook.

“Together we planned everything to the smallest detail. Everything went exactly as we wanted. It was perfect, but we will keep the details to ourselves”, Ole Einar hinted refusing to say more.

Domracheva hopes to return to racing in January

These days the Belarusian national biathlon team is preparing in a training camp in the Norwegian Sjusjoen.

The Belarusian women’s team includes Nadezhda Skardino, Nastassia Dubarezava, Nadzeya Pisarava, Irina Krivko, Anna Sola, Kristina Ilchenko, Daria Yurkevich, Maria Panfilova, and Dinara Alimbekova.

Step by step back in business 🙂 #raubichi #sunshine #moveyourbody #bepositive #Iloveit

Фото опубликовано Darya Domracheva (@dadofun)

Three-time Olympic champion Darya Domracheva has also resumed training on snow in Sjusjoen. Domracheva actually began training in Belarus at Raubichi sports complex four weeks after giving birth to her daughter Xenia on 1 October.

Bjorndalen was also preparing there for the season. Then the family relocated to Norway.


In early November it was reported that the daughter of the famous biathlon couple will get her father’s surname.

The first stage of the Biathlon World Cup season 2016/2017 will start on 27 November in Ostersund with mixed relay . The women’s individual race women will be held on 30 November, and men will compete on 1 December. The sprint race is scheduled on 3 December, and the pursuit race will finish the competition on 4 December.

Darya Domracheva hopes to return to racing in January. And if she is in a good shape, Daria expects to compete for medals at the World Championship in Hochfilzen, that begins on 9 February, 2017.

Source: TUT.BY.