Round Dances And Fire Jumping On Kupala Night In Belarus (Photos, Video)

Kupala night is the time of old magic, ancient rites and close unity with nature.

Kupala night, or Kupalle, is the pagan festival of fire and water.

One of the celebrations unveiled this weekend in Rakaw, a picturesque XIV village in Minsk region.

Kupalle relates to the summer solstice when nights are the shortest and includes a number of Slavic rituals.

Participants of the event wove flower wreaths and marched through the streets of the village with music and song to “vyla” – the place where the main Kupala night rituals were held.

Kupala night in Rakaw

One of the signature rituals of this night is a big bonfire.

People do circle dances around the fire and jump over it.

There’s an interesting believe that if a couple fails to jump over the bonfire while holding hands, they are destined to fall apart.

Finally, in the morning participants of the ritual greet the sun.

More pictures here.