Daily Mail Misquotes Lukashenko, Makes Belarus PART Of Russia And Its Ally In Syrian Conflict (Photo Proof)

The leading British tabloid Daily Mail misquoted Belarusian president and made Belarus a Russia’s ally in a war operation in Syria. And that’s kinda annoying!

On 8 April the Daily Mail published a big article about Syrian airstrikes.

In it, the newspaper provided a report on the US military operation, including photos, maps and a detailed recount of international reaction to the decision of the US President Trump.

daily mail screenshot

Screenshot: The Daily Mail

To make the information more understandable, the reporters have included several infographics. And somehow Belarus got attached to Russia in one of them!

In an image showing who’s who is the battle for Syria journalists use red color for Anti Assad coalition, blue for his supporters and grey for ISIS. And while the state boundaries weren’t specified, the countries are either signed (like the USA and Canada or France and Germany) or not attached to each other (like North Korea).

daily mail screenshot 3

Screenshot: The Daily Mail

But not in case with Belarus! So we took the courage to circle the country on the map for DM’s future use ?

Another ‘mischief’ occured with the words of Alexander Lukashenko who allegedly “supported Moscow’s involvement and offered air strike”.

daily mail screenshot 4

Screenshot: The Daily Mail

Seems like the DM knows something that the Belarusian media, who regularly quote the head of state, have missed!