Made By Locals! Origami Hrodna Map Created For Foreign Tourists

An origami map for foreign citizens with main attractions and showplaces of Hrodna were created by Hrodna.life editors.

You don’t speak Russian? This map is for you!

The map was primarily designed for tourists who is going to visit the city via 10 days visa-free regime and do not speak Russian.

“We want to help them. The map shows the most popular tourists sites. Its slogan “Made by locals” reflects the map’s mood, its warmth and cosiness.

We want our guests to feel like home here,” Alyaksei Shota, the editor of the site explained the idea.

The first map created by Grodno citizens can also become a great souvenir for friends or family!

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It is easily folded in origami which takes the form of Sapiehas Palace. The image of the castle was taken from the engraving of an unknown author of the XVIII century.

The project manager and journalist Irina Novik noted that guests will get useful tips on local realities by history experts and… deer Leon!

The unusual guide will entertain tourists during their trip and navigate them through the very Hrodna has to offer.

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Besides, hipster Leon – a modern descendant of the St. Hubert’s deer depicted in the coat of arms of the city – can be downloaded as a set of sticker pack in Telegram.

The map is expected to appear in major city travel agencies within a week, the map creators promise.

Source: Baj.by