Crazy Straw Creatures Invade Belarusian Fields Ahead Of Harvest Festival

Every year in late summer and early fall these straw figures – men, women, tractors, unknown creatures – appear along the roads in Belarus. By this straw art locals to mark the beginning of harvesting and Dazhinki, a festival that celebrates the end of the harvest season.

Normally a field in Belarus would look like this:

But then piles of straw would be collected together…

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… and turned into people!

Or a steamboat!

A windmill.

Oh, and don’t forget about animals. Here’s a rabbit:

A bear:

A cute cow with its owners:

Emmmmm… A train?

Foreign guests have also arrived!

But come on, they’re cute!

Dazhinki are celebrated in Belarus since 1996. The republican festival used to move to a different location every year till 2014, when the big celebration was abolished and replaced by regional ones. Now Dazhinki are organized locally by regions.

For example, regional Dazhinki 2016 will be held in Drahichyn (Brest region) on September 3, Syanno (Vitebsk region) in mid September and in Mstislavl in Mogilev region on September 24.