Christmas Miracle! Thousands Respond To 117 Letters Of Mental Asylum Patients To Help Them Feel True Spirit of Holiday

Because everyone should be happy on Christmas!

Every year volunteers organize small surprises for the patients of mental asylum in Novinki, a large centre of mental health on the outskirts of Minsk.

This year they decided to make Christmas and New Year really magical for their alumni.


An actor dressed as Ded Moroz and volunteers are presenting gifts to the patients. 117 mental asylum patient wrote letters with their Christmas wishes

In autumn 117 of the patients wrote letters to Ded Moroz (Slavic Santa Claus – note BF). Many of them had doubts that anything special could happen to them – but they were wrong!

Five letters were published by TUT.BY, a major news website in Belarus. The readers were asked to help make wishes of the adults, who are actually more kids in their mind, come true.


Five letters were published by TUT.BY. Readers were invited to “help create some magic”

Men and women were asking Ded Moroz for different things – flash drives, candies, mascaras, lipsticks and even one bicycle. Things that might seem trifles for ordinary people meant a lot for them.

“We were afraid that things will not work out”, the journalists later confessed. Luckily, they were wrong – 1406 times.

That is how many e-mails they have received from all over Belarus, as well as Australia, Switzerland, Poland, and Russia.

Some of the gifts brought by the readers to the office of TUT.BY

For a week people were bringing things, sweets, donating money for the patients of Novinki. Seven people were prepared to gift bicycles.

In the end, the number of presents grew so big that the company had to hire a truck to transport them to the asylum. What is more, there will be enough presents not only for those 117 men and women who wrote letters, but to all 647 patients of the asylum.

Help wasn’t limited to material things only. Two women suggested they would respond to every letter the patients wrote.

Several hair stylists and make-up artists said they would come to the asylum on New Year’s eve to make all the women there beautiful. An opera student from Moscow said she would come to the asylum to sing for its residents.


An actor dressed as Ded Moroz and volunteers are presenting gifts to the patients

People have also donated over $2000. The money will be spent on a sensory room, a therapeutic space designed and utilized to promote self-organization and positive change for the mental patients.


Many of the patients do not have any relatives

With nine days to New Year, people living in Novinki have started receiving holiday gifts filled with a piece of warmth from the givers.

Who would now deny that miracles do happen?

Find the story in Russian here.