5 Weird Moments With Chinese In Belarus! Locals And Foreigners React

First it was tourist information at Minsk airport, then Belarusbank’s ATMs suprised Belarusians with their option of the Chinese language. What is next?

Is it time to get worried or prepare for Chilarusian to emerge?

BelarusFeed took to social media to see how tourists and locals reacted to the controversial innovations.

Perplexity and resentment 

“Apparently, we are no longer in Minsk… It’s a shame that Chinese is more widespread than Belarusian,” wrote Vera Hurko from Minsk.

Steve Vincent was left surprised when he had to wait for several minutes to find his gate on the new info flight screens.

Absolutely understandable!

The last thing you expect to see when trying to recall your password and withdraw some cash from the ATM is Chinese!

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Ivan Novik decided to try his luck and even managed to press the buttons in a right order but then this happened…

Finding the funny side

Others were more ethusiastic and open to some new changes in their lives!

Now it all makes sense!

Belarus is preparing for a big flow of tourists from China and we should put our best foot forward.

Meanwhile, Belarus and China are considering the possibility of introducing 30-day visa-free entry on a mutual basis.

At present there’s an agreement about visa-free entry for holders of diplomatic and service passports, and for tourist groups between the two countries.

Besides, China is among 80 countries whose citizens can spend five days in Belarus without a visa