Hainan Offers Visa-Free Access To Tourists From 59 Countries, Belarus Among Them

Starting May 1 tourists from 59 countries, including Belarus will have an opportunity visit Hainan without visas.

Spend a month in Hainan!

Under the new policy, group and individual tourists from Russia, Britain, France, Germany, Belarus and the United States, can visit Hainan visa-free.

The tourists will be able stay there for up to 30 days provided that their tour was booked through local travel agencies.

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The news was made public by the State Immigration Administration on Wednesday, April 18.

“By extending the policy to individuals and the stay to up to 30 days, the government aims to attract more international tourists, nurture the tourism industry and meet the needs of foreign individuals,” said the administration’s vice head Qu Yunhai.

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Hainan has offered a 15-day visa-free stay for group tourists from 21 countries since 2000, and added another five countries to the list in 2010.

The eased visa-free access to Hainan is part of China’s effort to reform the province and turn it into “a free trade port with Chinese characteristics”.

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The island has become a popular tropical resort for overseas tourists, with the number of overseas tourists exceeding 1.1 million in 2017 – up nearly 50% on year.

Recall that Belarus and Hong Kong abolished visas on 13 February this year on a mutual basis.

The Belarusians and Chinese living in Hong Kong can enter, leave, remain within, or transit through territories of two countries without visas for 14 days.

Source: BelTA