Check Out New Visa Fees To Belarus – Reduced Starting 1 January 2017

As was promised, Belarus has lowered the cost of entry visas starting 1 January 2017.

An individual visa to the country now costs €60 (for all types of visas, disregarding the number of entries), a group visa  – €10 per person, the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs reports.


As before, discounted fees apply to nationals and some categories of residents Poland and the Baltic states. Citizens of Japan and Serbia are exempt from paying visa fees based on bilateral agreements.

The consular fee rate for consideration of the application for a Belarusian entry visa may increase in certain cases. А Belarusian entry visa for underage foreigners (up to 14 years old) is free of charge.

The full list of visa fees for the above mentioned travellers can be found on MFA’s website.

“This decision is another step towards easing the visa procedures for foreign citizens. It is also aimed at developing interpersonal, business and cultural contacts, and promoting inbound tourism”, the Belarusian Ministry of Foreign Affairs is quoted by BelTA.

In 2016 Belarus continued steps in facilitating visa procedures for foreign tourists. In April it granted visa free entry for citizens of the UAE; in August to Chinese tourists arriving in groups. In the end of November, visa-free trips to Belarus opened for Brazilian citizens.

Besides, in October, the Augustow Canal park in Hrodna region became visa-free for visits lasting up to 5 days.

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Visa facilitation talks with the EU are in progress.