How To Buy A SIM Card in Belarus?

Need the internet with stable access? Sometimes it is more convenient to buy a local SIM card then go searching for free Wi-Fi in the city.  

Besides, the local providers provide plenty of tariffs for guests of the country that are reasonably priced and easy to use.

This article was updated on 22 February 2019.


where to buy sim card belarus

One can find MTS sales points at Minsk National Airport, central railway and bus stations.

In case you don’t have a registration in Belarus (that is a confirmation of your temporary stay here),  you can connect only to one calling plan – MTS SMART Guest with a subscription fee of 13 BYN (~$6,5*) and initial advance payment of 14 BYN (~$7).

The plan includes 1000 minutes of calls within the network and 2GB of internet traffic. If you have a residence permit in Belarus, you can connect to any MTS service plan.

By the way, you won’t have to disable the calling plan (or close your account) when leaving the country. It will be deactivated automatically if not used for more than 60 days.

Check out other MTS plans for foreigners here.


where to buy sim card belarus

To buy a Velcom a SIM card, foreign citizens should have a national passport and one of the following: a residence card, a temporary residence permit or a note about registration with an indication of the period of stay in the passport.

Authorized Velcom agents can connect you to any calling plan at the airport and railway stations. If you don’t have a residence card, the only available service plan for you will be PRIVET.

Since PRIVET plan is active only if there’s a positive balance on the phone, one doesn’t need to cancel the contract. The plan is active for 365 days from the moment of activation, so you can use the SIM card when returning to Belarus during the year.

If you choose another Velcom calling plan, the contract validity will be limited to a period of your stay in Belarus. It means that service is halted on when your registration in Belarus expires.


where to buy sim card belarus

If you want to become a client of Life:), you will need to have either a national or a foreign passport.

There are two plans to choose from: Start yo life:) or 3G Life Modem. The user of the Start yo life:) can change the original tariff to any other service plan later on.

The subscription fee via the website is 1.50 BYN (less than $1), with the agents’ assistance – 3 BYN (~$1.5), 1,50 BYN will be written off your account, while the rest will stay on your balance.

According to the rules, you can use the service for 180 days from the moment of SIM card activation (first call) or from the moment of the first payment.

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If you don’t make any payment for 180 days, starting the 181st day you will remain the user of Life:) but will pay a fee of 0,25 Belarusian rubles or $0,1 per day.

If after 180 days since the last refill or since the SIM card activation, there was no refill in cash and the subscriber doesn’t have enough funds on the account, the contract is suspended for 90 days.

If there’s no account replenishment during this time, the contract will be automatically terminated.

*Prices in foreign currency are for information purposes only and can differ depending on the exchange rate. All payments are in Belarusian rubles.      

Source: 42.TUT.BY.

Translated by Margarita Tishutina for BelarusFeed. Special thanks to Nadia Metelitsa for proofreading.