Doing Business And Learning From Federer: 9 Sweet Moments From The Life Of Victoria Azarenka’s Baby Who Just Celebrated 1-Month BDay!

Former World No1 and Australian Open champ Victoria Azarenka gave birth to her son Leo in December. The baby, who celebrated 1 month birthday on 20 January, happens to have a very eventful life – probably more exciting than many of us ever will!

BelarusFeed has collected the cutest pics of the kid that his star mother shared online to the joy of her numerous fans 🙂

Leo has been on a tennis court. That’s where he’ll obviously be spending A LOT of time!

He also followed an Australian Open broadcast with Roger Federer because the best way to become a champion is to learn from a champion.

He then kinda reflected on the game with this mother Victoria Azarenka.

That fella accompanied Vika to a business meeting!

When Leo is not on a court or in business talks, he likes taking long walks. In the best possible company, naturally!

“Leo is doing great!”, Victoria Azarenka said in a phone interview with Tennis Channel on Saturday, 21 January. You bet!

The sweetest ❤️??

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Vika admitted she’s never been so ‘tired and sore before’ but she and Bill are ‘lucky and blessed’ to have Leo.

We can’t agree more!

Scratching your own feet? ? or he is practicing for ? #babyLeo #athletealready ??❤️

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