Bagpipers And Shepherd’s Pie! 1st Ever Festival Of British Culture In Minsk

The bagpipers parade and music till midnight! Belarus first ever festival dedicated to British culture will take place in Minsk this summer.

 Experience the best of British culture.

Iconic sounds of the bagpipes in the air, delicious smells of the British treats and English speech everywhere.

This is what one can expect when hanging around in Minsk Upper Town on Saturday, 16 June.

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This summer day the bagpipers wearing kilts will open the festival by marching from the British Embassy to the Victory Square.

Besides, at least eight interactive thematic venues will be opened to entertain the dear guests.


The centres of the traditional Valian and English cuisine will settle in at the Victory Square.

Crispy cakes with cheddar and bacon, shepherd’s pie, roast beef, fish and chips and five-o’clock tea biscuit desserts.

Bars on Zybitskaya street will turn into the British pubs, where everyone will have a chance to taste strong ale and Scotch whiskey.


In the afternoon flutes, accordion and bagpipes will fill the city centre with folk tunes.

In the evening the mood of the fest will change, as the British artists will perform legendary hits of The Beatles, Queen, David Bowie, Ed Sheeran and others.

As a bonus, Kosheen, a popular British electronic music group from Bristol, will entertain Minskers with their charming music.

What else?

A bit of fashion and education vibes. On the main stage young British fashion designers will show their spring/summer 2018 collections.

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Meanwhile, the inner courtyard of the hotel “Monastyrsky” will turn into an improvised branch of the British university.

Here one will be able to refresh their knowledge of the English language, pass an IELTS language test or participate in the spelling contest.