Brest Enters The List Of 44 Incredible And Undiscovered Destinations In Europe

With summer in the full swing, travelers normally feel strong desire to explore new places and destinations. Luckily, Mastercard has released a list of Europe’s 44 little-known, yet incredible destinations. And Belarus IS there!

Belarusian Brest took 19th place in the ranking compiled using information from local travel bloggers and tourism experts, as well as Mastercard data.

The places were ranked according to beauty, crowdedness, cost of stay, convenience, and card payment acceptance.

Experts describe the Belarusian city as a place that “has been part of different countries over the years, and is a historical site of many cultures”.

Besides, the 19th Brest century fortress “is one of the most important places in Belarus”.

According to Mastercard, an average price of a meal per person at a mid-range restaurant in the city is €14, while a double room in a 3-star hotel or guesthouse would cost tourists €18 per night.

It ranks alongside such unique attractions as the town of Sheki in Azerbaijan and Lake Sevan in Armenia.

The Asturias region in northern Spain has been named Europe’s top hidden treasure.

Brest is not new to the international rankings. Some time ago, the Belarusian city was named one of top cities for family holidays by the travel site Agrophilia. Brest Fortress became the No1 tourist attraction in Belarus according to Tripadvisor earlier this year.

Source: 34travel