Brest, Te Amo! Locals Create Special City Guide For Diego Maradona

16 july is the day when the legendary football player Diego Maradona will visit Brest to head Dynamo Brest football club.

Feel at home!

Historians, guides, volunteers, designers and ordinary Brest lovers were gathered together to create a special guide for the Argentine guest.

Usually unusual Brest 

Olga Malafeecheva, the tour guide

“The first thing that comes to my mind is a lamplighter. Another not boring spot is the museum of steam locomotives.

I doubt that memorial monuments will be of great interest for him, while our courtyards can be.

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A yard near the museum of local lore is one of them. Or the interior of this quarter. There are beautiful, green courtyards.

Belarusian cuisine is a asensible subject in Brest. I’d take him either to the restaurant “Svayaki”, or to the inn “U Ozera”. 

These are two places in the center where we have true Belarusian cuisine.”

Bike tour and mulberry picnic on the roadside 

Anna Redko, the authour of logg for Brest 1000th anniversary

“I would show him Brest from above. I don’t talk about the banal Ferris wheel experience.

It’s more about watching the city from a roof in an interesting location.

We can also visit the Brest Fortress. There, near the border, mulberry grows.

This is like raspberries but with black sweet-sour berries. I would put him on a big bike and go riding. “

Underground Brest 

Elena Kohovich, the manager of cultural projects

“I would conduct him an excursion around Brest courtyards and underground culture of the city.

Would arrange meetings with the guys who give concerts at garages.

It seems to me that our architecture, which we highly appreciate, won’t interest him.

This is why I won’t pay too much attention to it. I would focus more on something that reflects the spirit of the city.

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Probably street art, some unusual exhibitions, concerts, underground or some closed parties.

I guess he will be taken to sports facilities, but he has seen many of them, so this will unlikely surprise him.

An informal and non-standard is something that can make a person feel the spirit of the city and become a bit attached to it”.

Boat trip

Igor Baranovsky, the local historian

“I would just show him excavations in Brest fortress (Berestye Archeological Museum) and the fortress itself. What is connected with Brest?

The Kholm gate, the fortress. I would tell him about the defense operation of 1939-1941. I would mention the Brest Peace and that Brest is a ruined city

Well, I would show him the remains of the old Berestye in the museum. To see the modern city would take a walk along the Sovetskaya pedestrian street.

Probably we would baord on “Grodno” oil ship to see panoramic view of Brest. I’d take him to the church to show the icon of Mother of God of Brest. “


Yuri Stylsky, “Dai Darogu” band vocalist

“He has lots of impressive landmarks in his homeland, but the fortress is a must see.

I would ask him about his preferneces. Some junkie ghettos? Well, I’d show them. Restaurants ?!

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Well, not sure there’s where to go. We have restaurants here – one, maybe two but that’s it. I don’tknow.

Probably I ‘d took him to the river. We would catch some fish, drink expensive wisky. I would tell him about my life. And that’s all. “

For those who plan to visit Brest in the near future BelarusFeed developed a guide around the city to help you to naviage around the city and don’t miss the most important landmarks.