BREADWINNER. Watch This Cool Film About Tractor Belarus That Just Won Two Prizes In Cannes

The film “Breadwinner”, dedicated to the legendary tractor “Belarus”, won two awards at the Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards festival. It tells about hard labor that Belarus-produce vehicles do in different parts of the globe.


The shooting took about six weeks. Four crews, headed by four directors, were filming in 11 countries. Altogether they made 46 flights and spent 52 days on the road.


Belarusian tractors are shown working in a farm in Norway, plantations in Nicaragua, deserted lands in Egypt and rice fields in Vietnam.


The vehicles are compared to “classical music or pyramids” for being low-maintenance and basically immortal.


In Cannes “Breadwinner” got two silver awards – in Corporate Image Films and Internal Communication categories. The film is available online in English, French, Spanish, German, Chinese, and Portuguese.

“Belarus” tractors are produced by Minsk tractor works, founded back in 1946. Today the works, which employs more than 22000 people, has turned into one of the largest manufacturers of agricultural machinery in CIS countries and worldwide. Every 10th tractor in the world is from Belarus.