Bowhunting For Deer And Moose Starts In Mogilev Forests

Experimental bowhunting for deer and moose starts in the Mogilev region.

Spring sport hunting seasons is open!

Each autumn millions of hunters from around the world come to Belarus in pursuit of the majestic animals such as deer, moose, zubrs and others.

Hunting in the Mogilev region is particulalry in high demand, while zubrs remain the most popular big game animal.

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During the last 2 months the forestry officials arranged four hunting tours for the Danes, Russians and Belarusians.

The population of zubrs, now safely retrieved from the brink of extinction, in the forestry is very high.

At the moment there 440 animals, while the optimal amount is 160.

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It should be noted that only old and sich animals are allowed to be hunted.

Meanwhile, there are plans to resettle some animals to other regions of the country.

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Only this year hunting tours for the zubrs brought over 80,000 BYN (~$41,000) to the forestry.

“This is a rather specific and expensive kind of hunting, that’s why it is more popular among foreign tourists.

The price for one bison can reach 20,000 Belarusian rubles or more.

Therefore, this is one of the most profitable types of hunting,” Mikhail Shtukko, the leading engineer of the hunting farm, said.

Currently locals and foreigners can take part in spring capercaillie and black grouse hunting or wait for the start of the goose season.

Source: TUT.BY