Adults Only 18+. Cafe That Serves Boozy Ice Cream Opens In Minsk

Eating frozen desserts and getting tipsy at the same time, why not? Now you can kill two birds with one stone in Minsk.

Only 18+

There are always crowds near the tent with the unusual sweet at FSP and “Vulica. Ezha.” summer festivals.

Now the alcohol-infused ice cream of the Russian brand Alcreme is availbale at the cafe on 3 Lenina street.


The place is tiny but still very cozy and friendly. So far, the boozy frozen treat is sold only as a takeaway.

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Mind that the ice cream is sold only for adults and comes in six flavors: “Sex on the beach”, “Margarita”, rum, champagne, whiskey and wine.


Non-alcoholic dessert is presented with black ice cream “Oil”, sweet bubble-gum and ginger lemonade.

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The prices vary from 4BYN 50 kopecks ($2,25) per craft ice cream to 5BYN 50 ($2,76) kopecks per a ball of an alcoholic ice cream.


The cafe’s working hours: from Thursday to Sunday from 12am to 10pm.

Recall that not so long ago a black ice cream hit the shelves of the Belarusian shops and Instagram accounts of the local sweetteeth.

Source: TUT.BY