17-Year-Old Blogger From Belarus Sets His Back On Fire For Fame (VIDEO)

Some people would do anything for fame, even risk their health. Young blogger from Belarusian Gomel is one of such risk takers.

The 17-year-old Igor, who is in quest for Youtube popularity, has recently filmed a fire challenge video.

The guy had his back set on fire and then dived in a fountain.

crazy video fire challenge blogger belarus
Teenagers watch as blogger does the fire challenge

The shooting shows a group of teenagers watching the blogger who is preraping to do the challenge.

One of the friends sets his T-shirt on fire with a lighter, and Igor ends up diving in a fountain several seconds later.

crazy video fire challenge blogger belarus
The youngster jumps into a fountain

The challenge was filmed on 14 July.

Blogger deleted the video from his channel several days later

The guy uploaded the video on Youtube and his page in VK, but then deleted it several days later after it attracted the attention of local media and police.

crazy video fire challenge blogger belarus
Photo of the challenge in one of the local social pages

The 17-year-old started his channel about two months ago.

He plans to rocket to fame by doing various challenges, some rather controversial and dangerous, which he says he enjoys.

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After the fire challenge the number of his subscribers rose from 230 to over 330.

Source: TUT.BY, naviny.by