Best New Year Decorations of Belarus Found and They Are NOT in Minsk!

With two weeks left to New Year, Belarusian cities are turning on holiday lights to create festive atmosphere.

And while everyone was looking forward to seeing the main New Year tree in Minsk in all its beauty, it turned out that another city has prepared to rival the capital with its original illumination.


The main New Year tree in Minsk is decorated with traditional Belarusian patterns and surrounded by huge sparkling balls.



But while in Minsk no other holiday illumination was switched on so far, in Gomel they did something really cute and original.

In addition to the city’s main New Year tree, mini replicas of eight famous sights from all over the world have appeared in the public garden in Savieckaja steet, Gomel’s main street.



Citizens were gladly taking pictures in front of Big Ben, the Eiffel Tower, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, Egyptian pyramids, Burj Al Arab and Moscow’s Kremlin.



The National Library of Belarus and Brest fortress were also ‘brought’ to Gomel.


Gomel authorities said the 9th figure will be added to the already existing ones by 23 December. But they are keeping it in secret for now.


Festive lights will be on till 15 January.

See more pictures from Minsk and Gomel.