Hygge In Minsk! Your Guide To 7 Cozy And Warm Places To Enjoy Winter

Have you ever heard about the Belarusian *hygge? We believe that a slow-paced and joyful life shared with the loved ones doesn’t depend on time or location. After strolling around cold Minsk these 7 comfy cafes will keep you warm, happy and prove that hygge is not only a Scandinavian phenomenon.

We promise that after reading this article your level of hygge will increase!

1. My English Granny

For 10 years of existence, the small vintage cafe with cozy interior and homely atmosphere has been attracting visitors from all around the city.

Always cozy with us 🍯🍫 и шоколадно-медовый царевич тому подтверждение 😋

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Dim colours, velvet curtains, old-fashioned wallpapers and retro pictures will bring you the sense of intimacy and allow to enjoy an authentic city ambience.

Along with the Irish and British cuisine, My English Granny treats its guests with nourishing pies and cakes served with classic English tea. Mmm…

2. Sprava

Looking for inspiration in these dark and chilly days?

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Sprava is a café with author’s cuisine that will not only charge your hygge but also surprise with unique and delicious dishes.

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While waiting for your order, take a sheet of paper and a pencil – the muse will have no choice but to visit you there.

3. Buvette

Buvette offers plenty of warm light, solid wooden furniture and soft colours.

It was the first place that started making sandwiches in Minsk.

The smell and taste of their freshly baked bread is all you need to warm your soul and feel at home.

Take a sit near a big window to chill in and watch the world pass by.

4. Bakery du Soleil

Situated in a quiet corner of the city Bakery du Soleil is a perfect for laidback family breakfasts with children.

A homely interior, decorated in warm yellow colours and yummy desserts will make you want come back again and again.

5. Mesto

So you think you know coffee? Wait until you have tried the coffee roasted by probably the best barista of the country.

Those who prefer tea to coffee may try sea buckthorn tea here. Take a sip of a bright orange drink and grab any book from the shelf.

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Warning! After melting in a feeling of contentment and warmth, it might be hard to leave this place and you shouldn’t.

6. Seadog&Friends

Beauty in simplicity! The white walls, mint coloured crockery and friendly atmosphere creates a blend that is unquestionably divine.

Your four-footed friends are also welcome here. This pleasant intimacy is found a mere ten minutes walk from the city centre.

7. Son Gogolya

Named after the famous Russian writer Nikolaj Gogol, the place has almost library-like atmosphere.

Art, design, architecture – all varieties of books are waiting to be picked, read and cherished.

Settle in a soft armchair near a crackling fireplace with a hot cup of tea and a book in your lap to transfer to another world.

Beyond cozy comfort, the *hygge lifestyle also means living in a stress-free, decluttered environment and embracing simplicity and nature.

It usually comes from doing simple things such as lighting candles, baking, or spending time with your family or friends.