Apart From Minsk, Which Are Top 5 Cities To Live In Belarus?

There are many towns and cities in Belarus but which are the best in terms of living standards? The center of new ideas carried out a study and then published a ranking of 15 most and least livable cities.

The research focused on cities with populations over 100,000. It assessed the cities by a range of factors, including demographic stability, economic performance, and quality of life.

Here’s what the final ranking looks like.

Leaders and losers

Minsk, Hrodna, Brest, Salihorsk, Homel are leading in the ranking of the most livable Belarusian cities.


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Публикация от CRIMEA | MINSK (@misha_peshekhonov)

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Meanwhile, Barysaw, Babruysk, and Orsha have the largest share of retirees, the lowest wages, the largest population decline and the smallest number of doctors.

East is lagging behind

There are distinct differences between cities in the eastern half of the country and those of the western half.

Viciebsk, Homel, and Mahilyow are developing worse than their western counterparts. Such towns as Lida, Pinsk or Baranavichy, can hardly be called successful.

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However, their performance still looks better in comparison with Orsha or Babruysk. Combining the results of the eastern and western cities, it’s obvious that the east is a quarter behind the west.

Not far from Minsk

Expectedly, Belarus’s capital is the most economically developed in Belarus. Demographically, Hrodna is the best city in the country with a relatively low crime rate.


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Публикация от CRIMEA | MINSK (@misha_peshekhonov)

Besides, it is the second city of students with the highest number of doctors per person. The same can be said about Brest but to a lesser extent. Anyway, both cities have a long way to go and grow.

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In fact, these are not all conclusions that can be made using the ranking. The ranking doesn’t give answers to the question ‘what to do?’, it is more food for thought for those living on the periphery.

Photo by Vasily Fedosenko, Reuters