Belarusian Supersize Truck Maker BelAZ To Take Cryptocurrencies

The Belarusian automobile engineering company BelAZ is considering to sell its trucks in exchange for cryptocurrencies.

Keeping up with the times!

BelAZ trucks on sale

The information was made public by the company on their webiste on Wednesday, 10 January.

According to the source, cash is gradually becoming a thing of the past and is being replaced by plastic cards and digital wallets.

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Virtual currencies emerged a couple of years ago and have the potential to turn the entire financial world upside down.

“BelAZ always tries to keep up with the times and make its products more accessible.

The company is considering selling its products in exchange for cryptocurrencies from 11 January through 30 January,” the website reads.

What’s the price?

The cost of the world’s largest dump truck BelAZ-75710 with a payload capacity of 450 tons is $7.5 million.

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As of 8am on January 11 bitcoin is worth $13.694.09, this is 543 bitcoins. Mind that 220-ton BelAZ is about twice cheaper!

Recall that Belarus legalized cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin, initial coin offerings (ICOs), activities of cryptocurrency exchanges, smart contracts and related issues in December last year.