Belavia Starts direct Flights To Ukrainian Lviv After 20-years’ Break

Direct flights between Minsk and Lviv resumed on August 17 after a break of 20 years. It will now take travellers about an hour to get to one of the most popular tourist centers of Ukraine.

The cost of a one-way trip starts from 60 euros, which is comparable to the price of a first class coach.


Lviv became 5th Ukrainian city in Belavia’s network alongside Kiev, Odessa, Kharkov and Zaporozhye. Every week the Belarusian air carrier performs 60 own and 4 partner flights to Ukraine.

Belavia will be carrying four flights to Lviv a week — on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. In case there’s high demand for the tickets, the number of flights may be increased, the company said.


Representatives of the airline hope that direct flights will promote the development of tourism between the two cities as well as boost business links and cooperation in IT sphere.


Belavia actively began to develop flights to Ukraine when the aviation conflict between Kiev and Moscow broke out. Russia and Ukraine closed mutual airspace in October 2015.

The Belarusian carrier took over about 70% of the transit passenger traffic.