Belavia To Change Baggage Allowance Limits In Autumn

Belavia Airlines will change baggage allowance at the end of October 2017, Belarusian media have reported.

It will switch from the “weight concept” to “piece concept”, the civil aviation website msq.by wrote on Sunday.

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At present Belavia allows passengers to carry 30kg in business class and 20kg in economy class. According to the media, starting 29 October these norms will grow to 32kg and 23kg respectively.

However, the Belarusian airline also prepares to switch to “piece concept”. It means that there will be limits to the number of bags a passenger can carry – 2 pieces weighing a maximum of 32 kilos for business class and one piece weighing a maximum of 23 kilos for the economy.

The rules of hand baggage allowance will remain the same: up to 12kg of carry’on baggage if you travel in business class and 8kg in economy class.

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Another change concerns excess baggage fees. In particular, msq.by reports, Belavia will charge 50 euros for excess weight and 50 euros for excess pieces – or 100 euros in total.

That seems like a big fee, considering the current charge of €1.40-€15 euro per kg depending on the destination.

When asked to comment on the changes, Belavia spokesperson said that not all of the information reported by the media “is accurate”.

“Indeed, changes in baggage allowance will be introduced since the start of the winter schedule. Not all information is accurate. The final rules have not yet been adopted. We will reveal all changes soon,” Belavia’s PR specialist Olga Schuko told TUT.BY on Monday.