Belarusians Take Over Trafalgar Square With a TANK! [PHOTO, VIDEO]

For a good reason, naturally! A full-sized replica of Mark IV, the first British tank, was shown in Trafalgar Square in London on September 15 to mark the 100th anniversary of the war machine.

The celebration was organized by World of Tanks’ developer in partnership with The Tank Museum in Bovington.

Mark IV hit the battlefield 100 years ago, in the Battle of the Somme on 15 September 1916.

With 57,000 casualties on the first day it is regarded as the bloodiest day in British military history.

It took Wargaming about six months to receive a permission from London’s authorities for the tank to be let in the city centre. The machine crawled down the streets accompanied by the police and bringing the traffic to a halt.

The tank was then placed in Trafalgar Square where it remained on display for some time.

Wargaming is award-winning online game developer and publisher from Belarus. The company is best known for the World of Tanks, a multiplayer online game enjoyed by over 100 million users worldwide.