Belarusians Spend More On Utilities And Less On Food, INFOGRAPHIC

Belarusians began spending more on utility bills as well as mobile and Internet, while the share of spending on food has decreased. The data is based on a sample survey of households conducted by the National Statistics Committee in Q2 2016.


Last year the share of food expenditure (including eating out) made 43.3% of a budget of a Belarusian family. In 2016 it went down by 1.3% to 42%.

Food costs are traditionally the biggest expenses for Belarusians, while in other European countries they do not usually exceed 15% of a family budget. The lowest share of food costs in Belarus was noted in 2010 when families spent about 39% of their incomes on products.

In Q2 Belarusians have also rspent less on bad habits. The share of expenditure on alcohol and tobacco decreased by 0.3% to 3.4%.

On the contrary, housing costs went up from 6% in the second quarter of 2015 to 6.8% this year. Such redistribution of cash flows can be explained by the rise of utility tariffs. By the way, in April the officials reported that the number of Belarusians who delayed on housing payments or didn’t pay for utilities had increased.

Among other costs that went up are the costs of communication services (mobile, Internet, etc.) that now make 4.6% of payments as opposed to 4.2% last year.

2.3% of budgets go for transportation costs, the same money is spent on culture and tourism.